Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too much time, too many choices

My television watching schedule is about to take a fairly major hit. 24 is winding to a close. But Friday is an especially harsh day as Terminator ends(possibly for good)and Friday Night Lights calls it an excellent season.

All is not lost though. Three new, promising looking shows are coming on the horizon. On Wednesday The Unusuals premieres. After seeing a number of different teasers for this show, I can't decide if it is a comedy, drama, dramady, comma, or something else entirely. It looks interesting though, so we give it a try after switching away from Lost.

On Thursday NBC premieres Parks and Recreation, the new faux docu-comedy from the creators of the Office (but more importantly from Michael Schur of FJM fame:). I watched some clips here and am really looking forward to this. As a huge Office fan, I love this kind of format and am one of the few people who actually thinks Amy Poehler is funny. (Mostly because she is married to Gob Bluth)

Finally, NBC has chosen Southland to replace ER. It is never easy to follow up something like ER, but NBC is doing the show the largest solid ever by throwing it into the Thursday 10PM slot. The program looks pretty great, if for nothing else than they have "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch playing throughout the promotional pieces. I am most excited for this program.

All is not lost. Mrs. Channelup will continue finding ways to avoid talking to each other at night and these three new shows seem like the best candidates for distraction.

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