Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - Mr. Brown coaches the talent

The judges came on tonight and admitted their errors in timing from last week. Then the producers go out and make the decision to make Quentin Tarantino a centerpiece for the hour. Replace one error with another. Sigh.

There is a possibility that Idol producers felt their weird, creepy factor had gone after Scott McIntyre got the boot last week. Seeing a gaping whole in uncomfortability, they decided to remedy by bringing in Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino was misplaced as a judge a few years ago, and he is even more strange as a celebrity talent coordinator/ advice giver. I just do not get it at all. The movie night theme was fine, but of all the people to bring in, his presence just felt odd all over.

Oddest moments of the night
- Tarantino staring at Alison Iraheta like he either wanted to kiss her or cut her ears off.
- Tarantino looking like a crazier, dorkier version of Frankenstein when he is growling at Anoop.
- Silvio Dante in the crowd. Idol must have tried to get the next weirdest famous person in Hollywood to make Tarantino look normal. I kept waiting for Gary Busey to make an appearance.
- Tarantino saying he only "got a taste of Adam's song."
- Tarantino leaning on the piano staring at Matt.
- Tarantino's haircut.
- Tarantino telling Danny to stick his hands in his pockets while he sings, and Danny promptly ignoring him
- Tarantino hugging Kris.
- Tarantino saying "Lil Rounds."

An abbreviated rundown of tonight's performances with a fairly lengthy discussion of the obvious:

Alison was decent. Anoop was far better than usual and his vocal was pretty flawless. Matt called a Bryan Adams song "one of the most beautiful ever," and then sang it okay. Danny Gokey, who I want desperately to win, sounded great during a dreadfully boring song. (btw I wrote that before Simon's critique) Kris, who I want to win if Danny doesn't, sounded great but picked a weird song that not many people know. (and again I wrote that before stupid Kara said the same thing) And Lil Rounds is so hit or miss that I don't even know if she sounds good or bad or now, but tonight she was pretty good I guess.

But honestly at this point is there anything more to discuss beyond Adam Lambert? He sang a song that I really hate and was so far head and shoulders above the competition that he should probably just walk away from the show and in to a studio now. What is the point (Idol's huge ratings aside)of trotting him out there on a week-to-week basis? Not since Chris Daughtry a few years ago has a contestant been so ready to make the leap into stardom. Daughtry was actually saved, from a credibility standpoint, by not making it to the finals. Lambert would surely benefit from going a week or two more, getting voted off, gathering a band and putting out an album. I think he will retain credibility beyond the Idol format because he has chosen a path through the show that stands out starkly from the other singers. From a selfish standpoint I hope he sticks around, but this guy is bound for much bigger and brighter things.

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