Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost - This isn't who it would be if it wasn't who it is

Fantastic episode (and i mean really fantastic) that began to tie a great deal of this season together. Faraday's return to the island triggers a series of events that well.. it's Lost, with every answer comes more questions. HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!

The key theme in this season has been motives. Specifically, what has driven the characters to/ back to the island? Tonight we get both with background on the enigmatic Daniel Faraday, or as Sawyer calls him "twitchy" or "HG Wells." When Faraday sees a picture of the Oceanic crew also in the past as part of the Dharma folks he subs it back to the island to save them all. Faraday's mother has been the driving force in his quest to discover time travel and the island has been her motivation for him the whole time.

Daniel's motivation is to stop basically the entire history of Lost's storyline. Stop energy release, stop hatch from being built, stop the pushing of the button, stop Desmond from failing, stop the plane crash and stop his crew from finding the island. Big task changing the future. Not for me of course. I do it all the time. But for regular folks like yourself I can imagine it seems daunting.

We also find out that Daniel's demise came from his in-the-past-mother's itchy trigger finger. Her motivation for sending him back to the island now, on the surface, appears a bit selfish. But I would argue that she sent Daniel back to the island as the one person in the world with the brains and know-how to actually alter her original bad decision and save the group from ever having to leave the island. I would like to believe that she sent him back, not to die at the hands of fate, but rather to literally change the world. She miscalculated and time chugs along with deadly results. The island is just too damn powerful. Oh and by the way, Farraday is Whitmore's son. WHAAAA???!!!!

Mrs. Channelup moaned that Lost will probably end with the whole crew stepping on to the original Oceanic flight and having it land safely in LA. This would make Lost just one long dream sequence. Please don't let this happen! It would be like the Newhart finale but 1 trillion times worse.

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