Monday, April 20, 2009

24 - Get that canister!

This episode comes fresh off the news that next year Jack will spend a day in the Big Apple. Frankly I am amazed it took until this season to just get Jack out of LA. I wonder how much of not bringing Jack to NYC until now was spurred by September 11th and the images it conjures. At the same time, 24's popularity is aided by the terrorist alert level we have been on since 9/11.

I think we are sufficiently removed from September 11th that having a terrorist plot to further destroy New York is something 24 can explore well. This season has benefited from being in a new city and I suspect next year the plot will use the city that never sleeps in new and creative ways. I am looking forward to it and will write a more detailed piece on this before the end of the week.

Well Jonas Hodges is in jail. Jack has the boogey woogey flu (from a bio-terrorist weapon). Agent Moss is dead. And Tony is a bad guy again.

Jonas Hodges was a man with a plan. Now he is just a man who is asked to kill himself in order to protect the secret, mysterious and powerful group he represents. This group promises to protect the Hodges family if Jonas agrees to an easily little suicide. Jonas happily obliges, thus almost killing off one of the great, all time (he's still alive) 24 characters.

Tony has been playing the FBI like fiddles this whole season. He has an operative in possession of the canister of nastiness and is trying to get him to safety. See Tony works for the same group as Hodges. He tries to take down the FBI strike team, but Jack figures out the plan a split second ahead of time. Jack's arms and legs might not be working right, but the poison hasn't effected the terrorist fighting part of his brain. Jack's sickness is getting worse, but the man is nothing if not dedicated. I would have checked out a long time ago.

Jack finds Renee. Tony finds the canister. And then it dawns on Jack. It's Tony! But damn that nasty little toxin. It incapacitates him and Tony has the cure. This scene was a great one of one-upmanship where Tony takes the cake (and the weapon). Its not looking good for Jack but I am sure bleached blond Kim will come to the rescue here.

I am most intrigued by the secret group running this day of terror. My buddy Mike who covers 24 for CinemaBlend thinks it is run by ex-President Daniels. I am 100% on board with this theory and will now use it as my own. Not many hours left!

Sidenote: I love the 24 characters coming on during commercial breaks and warning us about climate change. Maybe that is who Jack is fighting next season. The Earth is warming! Only Jack Bauer can stop it!

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