Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kings - Silas is pissed

Trouble's brewing in beautiful Gilboa. (Is that not the worst name of all time for a country?) Silas's decision to hand over Port Prosperity isn't exactly a hit on the countryside and Prince Jack is a news czar. What is this poorly-named country coming to?

Quick recap and then some thoughts:

Silas is being a testy little bastard. He sends David to Port Prosperity to make them see the light and reason behind handing the land back over the Gath. Nobody really likes the idea, but the Shepperd family really hates it. David's brother starts a protest that turns into the princess being taken hostage. This is an especially bad idea considering Silas's pissy temperament.

Meanwhile Prince Jack uses his uncle to gain control of the media. This is basically what Bush did with Fox News right? Jack is going to leverage his new media power to gain favor with his father. This plan also seems flawed and basically Prince Jack is a spoiled, fuck up.

But King Silas is nothing if he isn't efficient. One doesn't become king without solving problems in a timely and deadly manner. He sends strike forces to take down the hostage takers as well as a group Uncle William has been forming to supplant Silas.

- MacCauley Culkin joins the cast next week as the King's nephew?! Rumor is he will be head of estate security employing protection methods like hot door knobs, bb guns, tarantulas, and ice steps to deter robberies.
- William McShane should probably be up for an Emmy as King Silas.
- The worst aspect of this show is David Shepperd's character. Everything else fires on all cylinders but, to me, he slows down every scene.
- Prince Jack, on the other hand, is played perfectly as a kid who wants all the power and has literally no clue how to get it.
- Nice twist at the end with the military leader turning away from Silas as it keeps alive the plot to supplant the king.
- I love the two dorky castle security guards who add a little comic relief to a pretty heavy show. They seems to have no useful security skills but make me laugh every time.

This show is gaining steady steam in terms of plot twist, treachery and intrigue. Let's hope it sticks around.

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