Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Baby night

The top 8 sings songs from their birth years. They should have called this late 80s early 90s night. Nice disguise Idol, but I'm on to you. What a boring night.

This may have been the most boring night of American Idol which is totally unacceptable considering how late it is in the competition. The top 8 had to pick songs from their birth years. That meant mostly songs from the mid-80s except for Allison whose song came from 2002 or something like that. (She is young. Get it?)

Because of iTunes, the internet and the plethora of crappy bands remaking good songs the contestants aren't wont for alternate renditions of songs technically released in a certain year. Even with the numerous choices, this week just fell so flat. There were a couple of clear winners and a bunch of pretty goods.

Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Matt Giraud clearly crushed it tonight but because of Idol's mismanagement of time, Adam and Matt were left with only seconds of judge's praise. What a shame, because the judges (and producers) just can't seem to reign in the mindless banter that occurs constantly among the judges. This leads to actual, legitimate praise being skipped so Fox can get its viewers over to Fringe (or me over to Season 3 of Dexter onDemand).

I really think Scott Mcintyre goes home tomorrow night. It has to be him as he is clearly overmatched here. Nothing is working and it is time to go. Even Anoop looked like a polished performer tonight Scott is out of his league. I think the judges did the voting sheep a favor this week by basically crushing him in their criticism.

All in all a forgettable night of boring singing.

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