Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Office - Its Never Boring

An amazing aspect of The Office is its ability to take the same dull characters in the same dull place and continue to come up with story lines that don't stray too far out of the ordinary.

When a show has been on this long it is easy for writers to get caught in the trap of the spectacular and unbelievable. It happens. Its easy. Make the plot twists or comedic hi jinx so ridiculous as to not create boredom among the fan base. The Office avoids this because they make the mundane seem ridiculous in such a believable fashion that we rarely every feel the idea of "this could never happen!"

Tonight's double episode brought this into light when Jim played the fool with Dwight as the antagonist. Making Jim play soccer against Charles (Stringer Bell) Miner won major points for Dwight in their on going battle (where Dwight is the clear loser). Watching Jim squirm was tough for everyone in the room. (my living room)

It's tough to not feel bad for Pam but is also , at the same time, tough to totally sympathize with her. She recognizes her rash decision as a mistake (hammered home with stark clarity by a bleach blond Ryan doing his best Generation-X Spicoli impersonation. A pseudo-stoner for the information age without all the likability.) I don't know if I feel bad for Pam because her decision was made by a feeling of inadequacy and boredom but at the same time I understand it. It couldn't be worse than what she was already doing. I do want her to succeed though! That makes me feel better to say that.

Finally, the Dwight and Andy friendship is something I could get very used to (blood to the penis references aside). A girl could have come between them but their reconciliation in the form of a John Denver duet brought home what I I know is so great about The Office. Even when it seems ridiculous it isn't. This could happen right? I believe it..

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