Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost - thereeeeeee's Kate!

Unfortunately I read the television guide before watching this episode of Lost so I got an idea about Young Ben still being alive. What a quasi cop out. I thought it somewhat landmark (and morbid) that the writers would kill off a kid in a television show. I couldn’t think of any other shows having done in before. But Ben miraculously survives a bullet to the chest. Booooo!

(For the record I wrote the following paragraph before tonight’s show as a little tune up. Was trying to bang out some words so I could go to bed earlier. Then Hurley and Miles had the same, but much more hilarious, conversation thereby stealing some unoriginal thunder) I mean from a time travel / Daniel Farraday-ist standpoint this makes sense. Ben has intimate knowledge of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the group because he has already met them as kids back in the day. Assuming the strandees cannot change the future, Future Ben already knows he is shot by Sayid when he was a kid and survives. Sayid has no chance of killing off a young Ben, even if the scar on his forehead gives him strange powers. If anything Ben must realize that the bullet he sustained as a kid from Sayid eventually precipitated some kind of future gain. Who the hell knows, this show is impossible to keep track of anyway.

I would consider myself of above average intelligence and I find there are a thousand things about Lost I don’t understand. What does it do to all the dummies out there watching? It must be a complete and utter mindfuck. Dumb people don’t understand how CSI works. How could they ever dream of following Lost?

It’s a Kate-centric episode. She isn’t in my top five list of characters, but I can give the writers a pass as this season has been spot on from episode to episode. They aren’t taking a minute off. This is a good thing obviously, and has made the show a tour-de-force of sorts.

Baby Ben Potter Linus is suffering from his bullet wound and the Oceanic/Dharma folks can’t seem to do anything about it. He is going to die and Juliette thinks she needs Jack’s expertise to save Ben. Jack refuses, thereby reneging on every aspect of the Hippocratic Oath. I am contacting the AMA in the morning and filing a grievance.

Kate and Juliette (and eventually Sawyer) agree to take Ben to the Others for help. I find the Kate and Sawyer relationship very forced. It just doesn’t play out for me on screen. I could never imagine them being together so I find their little love-thingy a little tough to swallow. Kate calls him out for his lack of commitment to her, Cassidey and his daughter Clementine. Sawyer still retains his badassness in spite of his lack of paternal skills and a dozen Others pointing guns at him. Damn I respect this guy.

Finally, Kate’s motivation for returning to the island is revealed. She came back to find Claire and bring her home to Aaron. She left Aaron with Claire’s, Darryl Hannah look-alike, mother. A bit anticlimactic as I thought she sold the baby to Charles Whitmore or something like that.

Once Baby Ben is delivered to the Others, Richard Alpert informs Kate and Locke that this transfer seals Ben’s fate. He will always be an Other. You can’t change the past folks.

Great quote at the end as future Ben wakes up to a very much alive John Locke when Locke says, “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Some questions from this episode:

Under what scientific rock has Daniel Faraday been hiding?
What happened to Ben in the tomb?
How many bricks did Ben lay in his pants when he saw Locke?

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