Monday, April 13, 2009

24 - uhh what?

I'll get to the hot tamale pictured above a little later. This has nothing to do with tonight's episode, but I started thinking about something. If there is one constant of all the days in the 24 series, the terrorists and agents alike have been blessed with beautiful weather. (Spoilers ahead)

I could be wrong but I don't remember the elements ever playing a role in 24. Having a majority of the series taking place in sunny Cali eased the part weather had to play, but I wouldn't mind seeing some wintertime 24. Even a little rain could put a new twist on the show. If nothing else it would just give the writers more excuses why strike teams couldn't get to strategic locations quicker. Just a thought.

Even Bad News Tim (White House liaison)thinks the President has lost her mind. Presidents on 24 have been stripped of their power before and have been much much much more competent than Taylor. Tim questions her decisions. Jack calls her a liar. Her own daughter pretty much hates her. Everyone thinks she is an idiot. Then she gives a weird semi-non order to blow up Starkwood.

Jonas Hodges and Taylor have a face to face meeting that ends after Tony blows up the Starkwood missiles in such a comical fighting scene that I don't think I could watch it again without laughing. With Hodges' trump card gone; he and Taylor engage in a scene ripped almost directly from A Few Good Men with Hodges playing a much wussier Colonel Nathan Jessup. He tells the President that the conspiracy doesn't end with Starkwood (of course). Maybe it is Jessup running the whole thing.

Kim Bauer is back. After Jack rips off some double entendres about "not feeling whole," and "is there anything you can give me?" we find out Kim is waiting for Jack. She has been in DC all day wanting to see him. We see the little minx for the first time. Never before have I wished for a terrorist strike on a single target than I did for this scene. She drops a couple of "Daddy's" on him and her hair looks terrible. I hated this scene but for some reason Mrs. Channelup had the waterworks flowing. Maybe it was good after all. I don't know.

And blah blah blah the threat isn't over. Some random Tracy Morgan look-alike has a canister of the bio-weapon in the same thing I use to hold Co2 for my kegerator. But then, a twist none of the Channelup family saw coming! Tony bad again! He kills Moss. He has the weapon! I am screaming through the computer! 24 is sprinting to the finish now!

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