Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost - Ben gets his

Nothing better than a Ben Linus-centered episode. This episode had great interplay between Locke and Ben. Locke is the first person on this show to repeatedly, consistently, and accurately call Ben's bullshit what it is: bullshit. Ben had numerous faces of incredulity when Locke would just offer some alternative to Ben's schemes. And finally when Locke just gets in his face about Ben having to be a follower rather than leader was one of the only times Ben has been put in his place.

Ben is, by far, the most interesting character on Lost and this episode went a great way to provide us with some needed background of his time on the island. We saw how exactly Alex became his daughter, the seeds of his feud with Charles Whitmore, and how he accesses the monster. (Which by the way was one of the craziest scenes ever in Lost. The way he basically "rang the monster's doorbell and asked it to come out and play" was beyond bizarre).

We saw from Ben tonight sadness and fear. Very unLinus-like emotions. Ben's motives are the great plot points which drive Lost. Because he remains such an enigma, he is as almost as mysterious as the island itself. Unlike the rest of the characters whose motives and story lines reveal their personal issues and struggles, Ben's personal issues and struggles reveal things about the island. That in itself makes his character among the best ever.

Finally when he is judged we actually see real remorse. The monster (island) in the form of Alex was haunting and more than a little scary (for Ben not me). Ben is Locke's bitch now. I like it.

Favorite scenes of the night:

- Locke sheepishly waving to a stunned Sun who is literally seeing a ghost.
- Locke coming out of the woods when we thought it was the monster.
- Basically every scene with Locke.
- The monster emerging from the holes in the temple. I am fine with the idea that we will never find out all the secrets of the island. It makes it easier because this season has revealed so much island history. Makes me feel better.

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