Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Lights - 5 months later

Mrs. Channelup's sister came by tonight so we rewatched last week's penultimate episode. What a great decision because it just reinforced to me how FNL is light years ahead of any other show in story, production and writing.
Tonight's episode comes to us five months after the heartbreaking state final loss. It was interesting to see how Dillon functions in non-football times. (there were 4 fans at the baseball game).

Coach Taylor's job is in trouble. Matt doesn't want grandma in a nursing home. Lyla is having San Antonio St. remorse and the Riggins boys just bought a steer. I love the football off season.


- I understand the effective firing of Coach Taylor from a writers' standpoint. It opens up a new avenue of drama into a show that doesn't need it now but may need it in the future to maintain interest. It doesn't mean I was happy about it. I hate Wade Aikman and Joe McCoy and everything they represent. At the same time this kind of storyline holds true to the book. I read the original about five years ago but still remember a stark plot point. The coach's job is never safe. Win state or away you go. So to those thinking this is comes out of nowhere I would advise you to read Buzz Bissinger's book. Texas football is serious shit.

- Matt's decision to stay in Dillon is troubling. I am troubled by how happy I am about it and also about his decision for the future. If anyone needed to leave Dillon it is Matt Saracen, but at the same time he is such a cog in this show itis tough to picture him leaving.

- Billy Riggins as the sole voice of reason for his brother is incredible. The way Billy looks up to Tim yet is still able to put him in his place makes him an older brother extraordinaire. I loved the scene of him talking Tim out the mechanic-for-life decision.

Season four of Friday Night Lights is a literal miracle made possible by the generosity of DirectTv. I can't wait. We should them thank you letters.

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