Monday, April 6, 2009

24 - Decision-Making 101

Are you ready for the worst decision-making ever in the history of 24? That is no small feat. It's coming and it's made by an unlikely source.

I want to focus on something that was possibly the most disturbing sequence of decision-making ever in 24. It involves the annoying, First Daughter Taylor story arc. She is leaking information to the press about her mother's administration. That's bad because she's been warned not to. But wait, there's more. The reporter she has been leaking info to, Creepy Ken I will call him, wants more information. After having an entire, personally-implicating conversation over the phone while at the White House, First Daughter says, "I can't talk here," and agrees to meet him. But wait, there's more. She goes to Creepy Ken and tells him the whole story about the WMD and how the FBI is working to intercept it. But wait there's more. To protect the story (THAT SHE JUST TOLD HIM!) she agrees to sleep with him! But wait there's more. She videotapes the whole thing! To blackmail him! WHAAAAAAA??!!!! My god. She is using this warped logic to advise the President of the United States. Her next advice to her mom will probably involve the President sleeping with Jonas Hodges so he can think about maybe giving the chemical weapons back.

Some other highlights from a fairly interesting hour of espionage, intrigue and VOIGHT!

- Voight has been the best 24 villain to date. He would probably win just on acting skills alone, but he brings so much to the table in his role as Jonas Hodges. He is calm, creepy, violent, pathological, manipulative and cunning. Basically he is perfect.

- I wonder how much easier my life would be if I had a PALM hand held with real time satellite support. I am not exactly sure what I would do with it, but I can imagine it coming in super handy in places like the supermarket self-checkout line. Tony used it to break in to a high level quasi-government facility. I would use it confirm produce codes without calling for customer assistance. Life would be sweet.

- When Agent Renee Something or Other was communicating to Special Agent Moss about how to handle the Starkwood villains it was literally the blind leading the dumb and blind.

- The set up for Kim Bauer to return is nauseating. Jack refused to contact Kim after the doctor said she could help save his life. Renee tries to convince him to call Kim prompting Mrs. Channelup to scream, "Shut up Renee, no one wants Kim back!"

- I wonder if they would ever kill off Jack? I know they won't but it would at least be interesting.

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