Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some really late, really quick Office thoughts

You knew the great Michael Scott could never be fired. You knew that right? We all knew that. He is too radical. His rag-tag group of over/under-achieving salespeople managed to parlay a shit business into a literal Scranton goldmine.

A legitimately great episode playing on all of our expectations by making Charles the zero and Jim the hero. It is about time. The "Jim as the slacker bad guy" bullshit was getting a bit old for me. When he literally showed Charles the door Mrs. Channelup and I gave a little cheer for all the good guys out there.

The negotiation scene symbolized everything I think is great about Michael's character. He is a master salesman: that is for sure. What he usually lacks are the subtleties. Tonight he lacked nothing. He did every single thing right. One thing The Office has been consistent with is when Michael's back is against the wall: he steps up in big ways. And we finally understood everything about the wiki entry on negotiations Michael had memorized in the past. I was feeling a bit of pride for him. .

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