Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday Night Lights - The Genius is in the Moments

I don't think I could ever write enough praise for Friday Night Lights. Lords knows I would like to try. Friday's episode "Underdogs," illustrated that what FNL does best is take pride in the little moments.

Look I could recap the whole episode, but I won't. Instead, I just want to go through the moments that made this one the best of the season.

The look on JD's face as he answers questions from Child Protective Services. For a boy that is the answer to Dillon's football prayers, he is just a scared and immature kid with too much pressure placed on him.

Grandma Saracen and Julie talking about Matt's future. Matt is kind of like the glue for so many people's lives (and the show as well). He represents something that he probably doesn't even see in himself. His grandma relies on him and loves him so much that she can't imagine him leaving. For Julie, he is the hope that life exists outside of Panther football. She is scared to see him go but knows that a big world awaits a talented Matt.

Tyra's essay. She summed up beautifully what it means to want something more, and wrote perfectly about what it means to be scared, young and vulnerable. As she read, we got a snapshot of each character's feelings about moving on with life after the game. The look on Landry's face when she finished was priceless in its pride. Not many dry eyes in the Channelup house when it was all said and done.

The field goal. I have always thought the one thing FNL did poorly was the football. Just too many last second victories and miracle comebacks. Having Dillon lose in heartbreaking fashion was the sign of a show not afraid to have its characters fail. That's part of life. Dillon lost. To quote Tami Taylor, "The sun will still come up tomorrow."

Riggins' shoes. His walking away from them after the game was symbolic, meaningful and touching in its simplicity.

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