Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost - The Miles Run

We finally get the background on why the Asian version of the kid from The Sixth Sense initially came to the island. We also get plenty of Miles and Hurley moments. What we didn't get was that intriguing an episode. (Spoilers ahead)

Miles is one of the better characters on Lost. I suspect he is a favorite of the writers because of the comedic effect he brings. And ever since Sawyer got all security professional on us, Miles has filled the sarcastic asshole void nicely. Bottom line: I love Miles. That being said, I thought I would love this episode. I didn't.

My main man Miles gets info from dead people. That we knew. What we didn't know was the Asian doctor from all the Dharma training videos is his dad. Nice touch, but I am skeptical about how this information will play into the plot. We already know the island connects everyone. I hope this addition of Chang as Miles' father, and him being born on the island has a purpose. Otherwise it is just one of those cool Lost connections that ends up going nowhere. I do have faith that this plays an integral role later in the series. It just has to right?

We don't get a ton of questions answered tonight except possibly where Speilberg got his idea for Empire Strikes Back. One of the parts I am most waiting to learn about is the faction working against Charles Whitmore. Their code is, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" because Ilana said the same thing to Frank last week. The group that abducts Miles before he gets on the ship asks him the same thing. There are so many groups working for, against and with the island that I get lost. Get it?

- Hurley's devotion to the Star Wars franchise is admirable and Jedi-like
- Sawyer laying out poor, stupid Phil when all Phil wanted to do was help. If there is one thing everyone should learn it is to never trust Sawyer
- Hatch building
- A Daniel Farraday sighting! Where have you been all your life?

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