Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis

This summer Mrs. Channelup was dying to see "The Nightman Cometh," Its Always Sunny's broadway-esque rendition of the Charlie's season 3 ending play. I balked, but now regret it to some degree. The gang would have probably made a fairly hilarious spectacle.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is like Curb Your Enthusiasm for the young, drunk and stupid crowd. I mean this is the best possible sense. The formula of Ridiculous premise + inane ranting dialogue + actors and actresses that can pull it off = comedy fucking gold. There aren't many funnier shows on television. Consider tonight's season premiere where Dee strives to become a surrogate mother strictly for the cash and residual benefits while the rest of the gang exploits a family foreclosing on their home. Does any other show make so much light of two topics more unfunny? That the gang is too stupid to pull either ploy off makes the show that much better.

I always wonder how much of Its Always Sunny is scripted and how much is just the actors spouting off whatever comes to mind. I envision a scenario where the Dee, Dennis, Charlie, Mac and Frank just try to one up each other in crassness before they realize the censors would just shut the whole thing off if they went any further.

There are times when Its Always Sunny misses the mark. It happened plenty of times last year when random episodes would seem to roll on and on without any kind of point. I guess this can happen when you make a literal show "about nothing." But when it hits, it hits hard. Judging from the season premiere, we are off to a good start.


- The good realtor / bad realtor concept is something that needs more exploration. I would love someone threatening me to buy a house.

- Kudos to Charlie for being a self-proclaimed expert in "bird law."

- I will have the baby vs. house debate any day of the week.


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