Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parks and Recreation - Pawnee Zoo

Leave it to Leslie Knope to unwillingly stick herself right in the middle of the gay marriage debate just by doing something as innocent and cute as marrying a couple of gay penguins at the zoo. She has always been a champion for gay antarctic animal rights.
Parks and Recreation returned tonight picking up somewhat where it left off in the ridiculous factor but without many ongoing storylines. Sure we have the Leslie as a political wanna-be powerplayer but beyond that what is there? Where The Office always had the running Jim/Pam will they or won't they debate, Parks and Rec lacks much of the week-to-week questioning. Instead it relies much more on the characters' (read: Leslie's) individual antics to carry the storyline. This isn't bad persay, as Parks and Rec is a pretty funny show, but it isn't a formula for long term success. We need more than "Leslie wants to be popular" as a reason to tune back and in. I don't think the Ann and Mark possible love affair is enough to get us there so where do we go? I, of course, petition to get a shitload more of Tom, but my wife said his character was goo "as is" so I don't know. There just needs to be more than a few laughs for a show to remain endearing. The season two premiere of Parks and Recreation didn't give me a great deal of confidence.

- Tom's appearance on "Pawnee Today" was the highlight of the episode. He schmarmy attitude is something I just want to hang out with.

- The Bulge party with Leslie doing a little "Poker Face."

- The return of a suited-up, yet degenerately homeless Andy Dwyer made me happy as much as sad. .

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