Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen as Idol Judge? Channelup is a fan?

Yesterday Fox announced that Ellen Degeneres would be the new judge replacing 1/3 of the Idol panel that makes me want to punch babies. (Simon is safe. The other three should have been voted off at the end of last year). Ellen is an interesting, and not totally unappealing choice to replace Paula.

I am not the biggest Degeneres fan in the world. I don't hate her persay. I am just generally ambivelant to her brand of humor. But in all honesty, Fox could have gone a lot worse that her. Hell they did it last year when She-who-Shall-Not-Be-Named took as over as a Paula insanity buffer. If anything the removal of Paula as judge was weird to me because Kara seemed to steal a great deal of the stupidity spotlight away from her fellow female judge. Alas Paula gets bounced in favor of the fast talking, and occasionally funny Degeneres.

Look, we all know you don't need a Amadeus Mozart-like ear for music to judge this competition. It either sounds good or it doesn't. The song worked or it didn't. You liked it or you hated it. Being able to spout off tired music-speak and retread phrases like "pitch problems" or "you can sing the phonebook" is something I could learn to do pretty fucking quickly for a hell of a lot less than the judges make. Degeneres has the chance to bring unpretentious humor and actual intelligence to a panel desperately needing both. The other part I like about the Degeneres addition is that she is ALREADY FAMOUS! She doesn't need Idol to reboot a career or bring her out of the shadows. Everyone already knows her and seems to handle fame relatively well. That leaves her free to judge honestly without fretting on how the media will react. One judge down. Two to go.

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