Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Office - Gossip

I love a good rumor. I love spreading said rumor. I like embellishing it and I especially enjoy telling everyone within earshot. In this way I can 100% identify with one Mr. Michael Scott. Everyone hates being the last to know.
Jim and Pam are pregnant. We discovered this at the end of season five (a truly great moment of television). They have decided to not tell the rest of the office in an effort to avoid the annoying questions and inevitable over emphasis on the situation. I can identify with this thought. I dreaded telling my coworkers about getting engaged to be married. It wasn't that I didn't want to share the joy. I just knew the next couple of months would be an incessant barrage of wedding questions and comments. It will be the same when Mrs. Channelup gets knocked up. I'll never hear the end of the oooohs and aaahs.

Michael strives to become the center of the rumor mill. Unfortunately, he sits around the periphery of the office gossip. But when he accidentally catches on that Stanley may be having an affair, all bets are off. He tells everyone leading to Jim scolding his big mouth antics. This leads to Michael "fixing" the situation by creating rumors about everyone in the office. When his "rumors" about Pam being pregnant and Andy being gay turn out to be true and probably true respectively, I really started hoping he had become the office Kreskin. Kelly would have an eating disorder, Dwight would use inferior manure, and Kevin was actually two small people combined.

Not the case, but still a pretty great episode proving The Office is still at the top of the comedic game. They continue to turn out episodes with the characters, rather than the ridiculousness, as the major focus. That the characters themselves are so funny is a testament to a group of writers and actors that work real, real hard at their craft. The Office has pulled off no easy feat. They are a non-laugh track mockumentary with substantial laughs and deep characters. Name another show that does this. None exist. The Office just keeps getting better.

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