Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

The name just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Watched this tonight mostly because I didn't want to just watch the first half hour of Flash Forward (thoughts on this show coming tomorrow). I have a few, non too original thoughts on this SNL in primetime format.

In all honesty I'm surprised Saturday Night Live hasn't tried this sooner. Their product is more than viable evidenced by the show having been on television and fairly relevant over the last 150 years. Considering NBC decided to chuck Leno on five nights a week, having the SNL cast out there for a half hour on Thursdays leading up to Parks and Rec and The Office seems totally logical. They aren't reinventing the comedic wheel, but what NBC is obviously going with a low cost (and possibly low return) solution for primetime. It makes perfect sense. Why develop a whole new show, hire new staff, film, promote and whatever else goes with a new show when the talent is already just sitting around 30 Rockefeller.

Weekend Update
had its moments. I laughed here and there. Mrs. Channelup giggled. I checked the clock a couple of times. It was fine. Whatever. But the writing is on the broadcast wall. This is the future of television. Keep it simple. Keep it cheap. Grab some laughs. Move on.


- I love when SNL makes fun of New York Governor David Paterson. They are unrelenting and tonight was no different.

- Daryl Hammond's Bill Clinton being confused that he wasn't on the real SNL. (and claiming his family was "completely out of politics.")

- A Guiding Light tribute with Megan Fox that included a great deal of wide eyes and surprised looks

- I love a good swine flu strategy guide from the worlds biggest college dork


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