Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kings get cancelled - I curse another show

I am starting to think that I am a television death knell. The Nine, Journeyman, Terminator, and now Kings. Whenever I start liking it, the network starts canceling it.

The problem with the shows I just mentioned (besides them all getting canceled) is that they develop originally with the idea that people will watch from the beginning. When those people don't see the first episode, they rarely tune in at all. I get that. I have not watched a number of shows because I missed the beginning and feel like I won't understand everything by jumping in mid-season. Examples include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Tudors, Big Love, Rescue Me and Chuck. This is just a short list. I feel fairly confident through just friend reviews that I would enjoy all of these programs. I just haven't taken the plunge because I either A: need to start from the beginning or B: need to try and figure it all out part of the way in. Neither option seems appealing.

But when I actually get on shows from the beginning, like the ones mentioned above, they just get canceled. What the hell is a guy to do? Now Kings is headed out the door. NBC will air the remaining eight episodes on Saturday nights (awesome) and then that is it. Is there a point in watching the end? Probably not. It just opens the door for more disappointment. I am upset. Kings was a pretty great concept show with high drama and intriguing characters. Now its been dethroned.

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