Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parks and Recreation - Canvassing

The subcommittee is out canvassing to replace the pit with a beautiful new park. .

I expected Tom Haverford to be very much the Jim Halpert character in his slacker mentality, aloofness and disrespect for authority. He hits the mark on all of them, but has a geeky salesman aspect to his persona that makes me think, that unlike Jim, he wants to be respected and high powered. He just doesn't have the drive or work ethic to be anything else but a parks assistance. Also, unlike Jim, he has a very very low IQ. Great character though.

Leslie Nope is a parks manager only a mother could love. Unfortunately her mother thinks she is a loser too. That is until she filabusters her own park meaning. This was probably the only smart thing Leslie did as it delayed the vote against the park. I think her mother felt a little pride, not because Leslie is accoomplished or successful, but because she stood and took the abuse with a smile on her face. Mothers can be proud of that kind of thing. Resiliency is key in the business world.

Overall, the show hasn't picked up steam the way I thought it would tonight. Entertaining episode, but my expectations are high for this show. I need a bit more out of the other characters.

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