Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Office - Race for clients

Michael and Dwight have had such a tumultuous relationship, but in their latest argument the stakes have gotten pretty high. I mean a fish in the vent system? That's just cruel.

I have always felt bad for Dwight when it came to his devotion for Michael. He always put so much work in for so little payoff. When a guy's notes about you include "tall" and "beets" the relationship is probably pretty one-sided (though Dwight has schemed against Michael in the past). Tonight the feud reached new heights as they completed for Dwight's clients. In another scene reminiscent of Jerry Maguire, the two duke it out for the account of a book publisher. Michael, as expected comes out on top. The Michael Scott Paper Company needed a big win, and as Michael has said, when his back is against the wall he performs his best. He lands the account with style, giving new life to his terrible business plan (like having cheese ball related office contests).

The side story in this episode, Jim using Andy as a literal shoulder to cry on, fell a little flat for me. I was kind of enjoying the Jim as the screw up roll building over the last few weeks. I am sure we will revisit it but I was not in love with this side story.

Highlight quotes:

Andy to Jim - "So what your body's a 10."

Michael - "I'm going to steal all of your clients and kill them in front of you."

and "I understand nothing." (We know you don't Michael. We know you don't)

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