Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sit Down , Shut Up - Fox already f%&@ing with a good thing

I do not understand Fox. No station is quicker to move, mis-promote, not promote or f$%@ with. After one episode the powers that be already moved Sit Down, Shut Up's timeslot. Much in the same way Fox ruined Arrested Development (one of the funniest shows of the last decade)by rearranging its broadcast time, they seem intent on doing the same thing here. Arrgghh.

Okay I got that out of my system and Hulu'ed the latest episode. Miracle feeds the entire teaching staff hemlock. Not a great move from the science teacher. The staffs medical bills force the school to hold its ill-fated Fair.

I get the sense that the writers of this show (many the same from Arrested Development) are having fun with the animated medium. They take advantage of things like dream sequences, thought bubbles and quick movements. Things they probably wish they could have done on Arrested Development. The character banter is almost exactly the same as AD but the visuals offer something totally new. I particularly liked the censoring of Miracle's animated jugs. Just cracked me up for whatever reason. (second favorite was the prison clown singing telegram).

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