Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sit Down , Shut Up - The World's Greatest Teachers

The staff at Knob Haven High School have a little problem. They want to come across as a distinguished school. Unfortunately they have Ennis Hoftard (Will Arnet) as their representative and all he wants to talk about are the three women he slept with over the weekend. All of the staff is vying to be the most inspirational teacher as the award comes with varying levels of thanks from the lovely Miracle.

Is it bad that I think Miracle is hot? I can't blame the teachers for wanting to go above and beyond in order to impress her. Larry Littlejunk is the one that goes to the greatest lengths in order to get with Miracle. I love Larry's wavering back and forth about his feelings for her. On the one hand he is madly attracted to her, but on the other knows she is probably one IQ point above the mental handicap line.

According to Metacritic, reviewers aren't too hot on Sit Down, Shut Up. Even Mrs. Channelup is not a big fan declaring tonight, "I think the show is just okay." I, on the other hand, would be sad to see this cartoon go. I think most people just don't get Sit Down Shut Up. I don't mean that as snobbish. Rather, I think the humor is geared to one very specific kind of funny bone. If you don't have it then I can see the writing falling very flat. The jokes are fairly obvious, a bit weird and fragmented in such a way that the overall storyline is less important than the need to pack in the jokes. I find this style of writing hilarious. Others most likely just think it is stupid. This is probably one of the reasons Arrested Development never developed a wide audience. Some people watched it and just asked, "What the hell is so funny about that?" What they didn't realize is that the harder you think about shows like this, the less funny they become. The humor is supposed to be stupid and obvious. They are meant to be watched more than once because inevitably you missed something the first time around. But hell if you don't like it now you probably never will. What a shame.

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