Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NBC- Caution: Creative Minds at Work!

I am going to walk you through, what I imagine to be, the idea pitch meetings that occurred earlier this year around the NBC offices.

Before we start, you can click here to read NJ.com's listing on NBCs's programming lineup.
Networks, especially broadcast ones, with shitloads on the line every year must continually come up with new and exciting programming in order to keep hold of viewers. I would assume these same networks aim to hire the best and the brightest entertainment minds to come up with said ideas. After looking at what NBC has in store for next year, I have to begin wondering if they have anyone even working over in these offices. On to the pitch meeting:

NBC executive
: All right boys and girls here's the scoop. Even though it has turned to a pile of trash we are keeping Heroes, the Biggest Loser, the usual favorites like Law and Order: CMGSG*, The Thursday Night Comedy Lineup, and we are going to ruin Southland by moving it to Friday nights where no one will watch. Now what I need from all of you is to figure out how the hell we are going to fill about 5 hours of primetime each week (about an hour per night). Ideas?

Shuffling of papers, everyone looks down, someone coughs, silence

NBC minion (sheepishly): Jay Leno?
NBC exec: Did you say Leno?
Minion: uh yes?
Exec: Fucking brilliant! That's the kind of genius I am looking for. We'll just show Jay Leno four nights a week for an hour from 10-11!!!! Meeting adjourned.

Honestly, this really sums up NBC's schedule. It is a lot of the same and even more Leno. I know this isn't necessarily new news considering they announced the Leno deal months ago, but when I saw the vast wasteland of NBC programming I just sighed. So little to get excited about. Adding Leno to the schedule for such an crazy amount of time means NBC will barely touch my television screen in 2009. These guys and gals are paid to be CREATIVE! What a disgrace.

Up next is the polar opposite: ABC's pitch meeting.

*Crime Murders Get Solved Good

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