Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol - And then there were two

Some quick, nitty-gritty Idol thoughts as I see one of my all-time favorite contestants go home. I am not sure I rooted for anyone as hard as I rooted for Danny.

Just watched the vote-off on warp speed replay. I rarely like the vote-off as it is an hour ratings grab for two-five minutes of actual entertainment. I do, however, enjoy this week in the season when the top three head back to their hometowns for some family time, keys to the city and mobs of adoring fans lining the streets in the their honor.

The return-home week always comes off as the first time each contestant begins to fully grasp what their lives have morphed in to. Last year, David Cook's entrance to his high school football field where thousands waited to cheer is something I always think about. He got a little choked up at the idea of, "Wow. They are all here for me." It is a special moment that seemed to hit Danny and Kris especially tonight. Where I think Adam believes he truly was meant to do nothing but entertain, Danny and Kris are just a couple of dudes with great voices who kept the dream rolling week after week.

The Danny vote-off didn't come as much surprise to me. Don't get me wrong, I have been rooting for him since day one. He became my early favorite when he let on about his wife's recent death. His church-boy demeanor wrapped in a genuine "just happy to be here doing something special" persona drove him over the top. But last night's performances didn't do him any favors in comparison to the other two. I thought the vote was correct. Kris and Adam make for a talented, yet juxtaposed final two. The edgy rocker vs. the sweet kid. Should be interesting.

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