Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost - Some pre-finale thoughts

Well Lost wraps up a fantastic season (dare I say one of the best?) and the Channelup family is headed to a Lost party. I am dressing as Sawyer and Mrs. Channelup is going as the smoke monster.

I usually write at a breakneck pace during the episode so I can post my thoughts immediately after its over. That won't happen tonight unless I am allowed to bring my computer, not talk to anyone, and shhhhhhh any side conversations that might spring up during the two hour finale. Because of this I wanted to get some pre-show thoughts in.

Has there ever been another show that could spark so much debate, questioning, conversation, and camaraderie among internet loser bloggers who have nothing better to do than sit around and think about the secrets of the island (present company included)? The reason this season, in my mind, has been so successful is the writers have seemed focused on getting more answers and working us towards an endgame. This season took no episodes off, rarely introduced new characters, tied up many loose ends, and gave us relevant back story all without sacrificing the charm and appeal of the characters we connected with from the beginning. The major players are all still around, still relevant, rarely annoying, and genuinely interesting as human beings. The don't act as entertainment for the sake of ratings but rather human beings placed in the most extraordinary of circumstances and for that they are entertaining. Through the entire run of the show the characters have not lost one little bit of luster and, if anything, have become more and more intriguing. They spark questions.

Oh man the questions. They still abound:
- What does Charles Widmore want?
- What dos Ben Linus hope to accomplish?
- How/ When will that 70's contingent get out of their time warp disaster?
- What lies in the shadow of the statue?
- Who is Richard Alpert?
- Will the bomb go off?
- Will Walt ever come back?
- Where or when is Claire?
- What is Desmond's role in this whole thing?
- Who is Jacob?

And these questions are just on the surface. They are much like the Hatch when the survivors first discovered it. It lay on the surface, but you just knew there was shitload going on underneath. You just hoped the answer of its meaning would be easy, neat and tidy. But with Lost, the answers rarely are.

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