Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - The Top 3 perform

It's the 300th episode, my three favorite contestants are all still in it, Kara's approval ratings are way down and its the "going back to our hometown" week. Oh its a good night in the Channelup household.

Tonight each contestant sang twice. One judge's choice and one song of their own. Will do this in recap format tonight for speed. Let's go to the top 3.
(blogging note: I am typing my comments in real time, but am posting as soon as the show is over)

Danny Gokey

- Paula picked Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent D'arby. Danny had never heard of this song and neither have I. Neither had anyone else I have ever known. I'll be honest, I had to look up TT D'arby on wikipedia just to make sure I spelled his name correctly. Guy is kind of famous. Who knew? Anyway, Danny made due with what Paula gave him. The song was a little corny, but at least it was Paula's fault.

Kris Allen
- Randy and Kara picked Apologize by OneRepublic. This choice worried me for two reasons: OneRepublic and David Archuleta performed this flawlessly last year on the season finale AND I love this song. Well he crushed it and it really made me think that Paula did Danny no favors by picking such an unpopular song while Randy and Kara gave Kris one that EVERYONE knows. And then fucking IDIOT Kara kills him for singing it. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE KARA!!!!!!!! (BTW I typed this before Simon made his comment! Then I clapped my hands together and cheered for bashing her and her comments towards Kris). This is going to be a long post tonight.

Adam Lambert
- Simon got permission from U2 for Adam to sing One. Kudos. First four lines were incredible. I am worried Kara and Randy will kill him just because what Simon said about Kris. Because that would just be unfair seeing as how the version he did was insane. Simon's ear-to-ear, shit-eating, "look what I made Adam do" grin was priceless. Randy proclaims him to be "one of the top 3 left in the competition." Randy is a literal judge I guess. Like saying, "Adam you are a singer and your hair is black." This song goes even FARTHER in proving how terrible Paula's choice was for Danny.

A quick break for Idol Gives Back where I spend time working on my facebook page.

Danny Gokey - You are so Beautiful. Nice job, don't love the song. Not much else to say here. Mrs. Channelup loved it more than I did. I think he goes home.

Kris Allen - Heartless by Kanye West. Kris does a strictly solo performance on guitar and he does a version of a rap song. Oh yeah and it was fantastic. This is a guy that probably has a wealth of original songs in his coffer. He is as creative a performer as Idol has ever had.

Adam Lambert - Cryin by Aerosmith. When someone is just good over and over it gets hard to find things to say about him. His and Kris's performances I think overshadowed Danny tonight. The judges pitch Adam going to the final. This thing is over.

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