Monday, May 4, 2009

Family Guy - The Hills

I love Family Guy. Unfortunately I am mostly an “in-syndication” viewer. I can’t say I have ever watched it in its original broadcast slot (save maybe the pilot a few years ago).
Usually I will catch the reruns on TBS in the pre-primetime slot. But last night I caught “We Love You Conrad,” the Family Guy and The Hills crossover. Sunday nights at 9 are back in my regular viewing pattern. (At least for the next few weeks when the season ends. Nice timing Channelup. Nice timing.)

I never got into The Hills mostly because I am straight, a guy, intelligent, a guy, straight, I can’t find the MTVHD channel on Fios, straight, a guy, intelligent, and a guy. But I can appreciate anyone willing to make fun of themselves for the purpose of the greater comedic good. LC’s (yes I used to watch Laguna Beach which probably negates anything I said earlier in this paragraph) willingness to subject herself to ridicule from the writers and characters of Family Guy is admirable. The decision to make her character a legitimate genius only reinforces my collective opinion of her as a self-effacing character/ real person. The collective think she, and everyone else associated with her, is an absolute moron. What is not moronic is the work she and her publicist have done to promote and finagle stardom out of a girl who, by all accounts, has a very minute entertainment skill set. She is basically a beneficiary of circumstance. MTV made her a star of a show set in her own life. Her poking fun at her own climb to stardom made this episode of Family Guy that much funnier.

Brian dates her while he (not she) is on the rebound. Brian’s character has always been the bark of reason. The idea that she makes him look like an idiot with her intelligence and then calls him things like “cute” or “adorable” for not having the same intellectual prowess was a hilarious move on the part of the writers. When he finally realizes the error in his ways (he isn’t as smart as he thinks) is when his true enlightenment occurs. It still doesn’t net him the girl, but at least he grew. LC just had to point him in the right direction.


Stuey fawning over LC in such an embarrassing, teen idol way was a perfect juxtaposition of his usually scheming-scholarly persona

Lois just laughing and laughing about how dumb LC seems

What happens when a Praying Mantis doesn't partake in grace before supper? Awkward

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