Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol - The Top 2 perform

Well its Adam vs. Kris and I must say Idol has proven over the last two years that the most talented and current can make the finals.

Idol has progressed. Can you imagine Taylor Hicks getting out of Hollywood week at this point? It would be a laugher. Even Ruben Studdard would be nowhere to be found this year. The fans got it right. The ostentatious rocker vs. the acoustic guitarist.

Before we get to the performances I need to ask one question:
What the hell were the stylists thinking when they dressed the judges tonight?
Paula reminded me of the Green Goblin from Spiderman, Simon looked like a Saturday Night Fever reject, Randy looked like Steve Urkel put on 400 pounds, and it wouldn't matter what Kara wore because I would still hate her.

The format for tonight was
1. Song of Choice from this season
2. Song picked by Simon Fuller
3. The Song that Must Not be Named co-written by Kara

Adam - Mad World. James wrote earlier that this was probably one of the best Idol performances ever. I am inclined to agree with James and with Lambert making this choice. Beautiful and did a good job of not using the trademark scream thereby saving it for later songs.

Kris - Aint No Sunshine. I loved him getting on the piano here seeing as how he would use the guitar later on. Sounded like OneRepublic covering this song. Same mellowness Adam had. Different style. Totally perfect.

Adam - A Change is Gonna Come. I love this Sam Cooke song. Got Adam out of the rock element a bit but it was perfectly suited for his voice. (Although I suppose there are very few songs not suited for his voice) A slow beginning and a power exit. Pretty f-ing good if I do say so myself. Mrs. Channelup just calls, "yard," in an absolutely perfect way to describe his performance.

Kris - Whats Going On? Also love this Marvin Gaye song. I didn't love this choice of songs but I do think Kris did his absolute best in making it current. Not an easy feat. Made due with what he was given. I tend to agree with Randy and Simon's assessments that it came off a bit "light," and "laid back."

Adam - Kara's song. This was like a Ferrari being forced to drive over rocks and dirt at fifteen miles an hour and then judging it on performance. What a terrible song! My god. They had a whole season to pick a good one. I am in shock. If Adam couldn't make it sound good then what the hell chance does it have?

Kris - And then we are forced to listen to the song again. Look the melody of this song isn't the worst ever. Its that they try to cram 10,000 lyrics into about 2 stanzas forcing the singers to focus on the words rather than actually singing. I wish they had given each guy the song and made them do their own version. Kris's performance was not great, but at this point I don't think matters too much.

In the end, I think Kris wins the finale tomorrow. Based on what James wrote earlier today and his likability I think he takes the award. Idol has been fairly consistent in awarding winners completely different than the year before. I think that may factor in a bit in pushing Kris over the top as he is less like David Cook than Adam.

- Random celeb sightings - Anthony Hopkins, Katie Holmes and her daughter L.Ronita Hubbard

- Poor Scott, no one told him to face the camera when they showed the Top 8.

- I loved that Simon made fun of the final song. I think he hates Kara too.

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  1. betting update: several sites have Kris as the odds on favorite to be the 8th American Idol. Just one site maintains Adam as the favorite. Kris is as big a favorite as 75% on some sites. Upset? Heavens, no.