Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Finale (1st 45 minutes thoughts)

With all of the glitz and glamour associated with Idol isn't it apropos they sent the two finalists out there in their virgin whites to signify the purity of the whole thing? No, it was stupid and they looked like idiots. So begins the finale.

Couple of highlights from the first hour:

I know my manhood will be brought into question over this but I really like the song Rockstar by Pink. When the top 12 sang it seemed as weird as can be. I kept thinking that at least half the people up there would rather be anywhere else but probably had an agent (or Simon Fuller) in their ear saying, "Get the F#$% out there and dance and sing your ass off. You need to start earning." The whole thing seemed odd.

Giving Norman Gentle an award was a nice way to get one of the truly entertaining and disturbing contestants ever back in to the fold. I can't believe this guy is married to a woman, but hey maybe she just hasn't realized yet. By the way, I said to Mrs. C right before that he had tear away pants on. Boo-ya. When he ripped those bad boys off, she just looked at me with the same face she had on our wedding day, terror.

There aren't many bigger Jason Mr. A To Z fans out there than the Channelup family. Absolutely awesome ensemble "I'm Yours," rendition. God Idol is an absolute juggernaut. (and they're like, "Guess who else we have here. Keith Urban. Suck on it.")

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