Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost - Follow the Leader

Last week I wrote about how Lost had fractured its story arcs to a point where entire episodes went without mentioning key characters. Tonight everyone was a player. Two groups have formed in the fight for the island. In the present, Locke and company are working to ensure that events on the island (past and present) solidify his role as leader of the Others . In the past, Jack wants to follow the late Daniel Farraday’s advice and disrupt the flow of time by setting off the bomb.

It must be nice to be John Locke. His supreme confidence in his abilities and understanding of the island have put him firmly in charge of both the Others and, more importantly, Ben. To say he has made Ben his bitch is putting it lightly. He taunts Mr. Linus with his ability to talk to the island and knowledge of Jacob. I like Ben being put on his heels.

We also get some clues about Richard Alpert when Ben says he has been an advisor for a “very, very long time.” We knew Richard had some issues with aging (like he doesn’t do it at all) but should we assume he is the ageless rep for the ancient civilization whose magic in fact powers the island? Seems plausible and probably explains why he is calm under pressure and rarely surprised at situations. He may have literally, “seen everything.”

But Locke is nothing if not a go-getter. He wants to go to Jacob, and take all of the Others there too. Richard Alpert reiterates sentiments Jack had a few seasons ago when he says, “I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.” When Locke says he wants to kill Jacob I am inclined to agree with Richard.

Jack, fresh off Farraday’s murder, wants to pick up where the mad scientist left off by detonating the bomb and altering the past/ future. Kate doesn’t love the plan and all signs point to the idea that no matter what these guys do, the island always gets its way. Jack has gone from sensible voice of reason to hard-headed rabble rouser who needs to always get his way. He, Eloise, Sayid (he’s back after his failed hit on young Ben) and past Richard enter the caves to retrieve the bomb.
I liked this week’s focus on action over intrigue. The episode felt like non-stop movement and didn’t allow for time to sit around and wonder what? or why? Instead, I worked to just keep up with the characters and their respective goals. Just a good, entertaining hour of television leading into next week’s season finale.


- Hurley begrudgingly admitting to Dr. Chang that he, Miles, and Jin are in fact from the future. Chang’s interrogation techniques by asking year of birth, President of the US, etc. make me think Hurley never had a fake ID. Those are the kind of answers you practice over and over before heading out to that first pre-21 trip to the bar.
- Sawyer can’t get out of his own way in his relational ménage-a-tois with Juliet and Kate. Just when he and Juliet profess their love for each other, Kate climbs on the sub and they depart.
- I loved how the actor they got to play the young Charles Widmore looks exactly like the older one. I wonder how that casting search went. The resemblance was uncanny.

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