Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Finale (another hour or so of thoughts)

Here is the 2nd part of my semi-live blog about Idol.

Mrs. Channelup explained to me why I should like the Bikini Girl - Kara duet while she wrestled the remote out of my hand as I tried to change the channel. Look Kara is a disaster, we all know this. But she got up there and sang decently well and exposed her bikini body for charity so I can't kill her for that (even though I might kill her in real life). \

Alison and Cyndi Lauper singing "Time After Time." Mrs. Channelup says that Lauper looks like a Tim Burton character. That being said, what a great rendition. I love that song and their voices were perfect matches.

Then my favorite contestant Danny Gokey performed. I don't know what kind of career path this guy has, but he is just a guy you root for. Choir director, wife passes away and he goes on the show with his best friend (who got a bum deal by not making the top 24).

I am not going to comment on what Adam is wearing because I don't have the keystrokes to accomplish it. And man do I hate KISS. But I find it hard to deny the starpower they have drawn tonight. I hate Kiss but tons of people love them. Adam kind of fit in well. Go figure.

And i just typed out something about Santana but it got deleted. I am not typing it again. But the performance was awesome.

Holy Shit Steve Martin WTF is going on here tonight? They even squeezed some bluegrass in here. I am in literal shock. Mrs. Channelup is typing this as I dictate because I just can't believe this finale. My hands stopped working.

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