Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Office - Some Scotch and Splenda please

So Michael is quitting. Seems like a good idea considering the economy. Everyone is hiring; especially the paper business.

Some legitimate hilarity in this episode which is good to see as the last few ones have been a bit slow. An uncaring Michael Scott is a funny Michael Scott. Michael's last days are full of hard work, drinking artificially flavored scotch and stickying Jim's papers.

Idris Elba's character is an interesting addition to the show as he is so unfunny, he becomes funny. Whenever I look at him I can't see anything but Stringer Bell. He has driven Michael to insanity in the form of newly conceived "Michael Scott Paper." Michael can't get others to defect over to his side,and Stringer needs to have him escorted from the building by good old Hank. Poor Hank.

Stringer's hatred of Jim is also perfect in the awkwardness Jim exudes whenever they are together. Reminds me of half the relationships I have ever had.

In his last ditch attempt to convert the Dunder Mifflin family, he fails miserably. Until Pam pulls a Renee Zellweger and goes with him. Whaa?! As a salesman/woman. Double whhaaa?!!!! How long until he tells her that she completes him?

Kevin on the phones?! Stanley in charge of productivity? What's next? Meredith in charge of moral conduct? Creed overseeing petty cash? Great episode all around.

So many great quotes tonight but these were my favorite.

Michael - "I practically invented decline."
Dwight - "My German is pre-industrial and mostly religious."
Oscar - "And just like that. As mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone."

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