Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Keeps it Current

American Idol must know something the rest of the radio and record production world doesn't. After making us endure two hours of Randy Travis inspired country music last week, they decide to bring out teen pop sensation Smokey Robinson this week. It's Motown Night in Hollywood! To quote Matt Giraud's original song tonight, "Let's get it on!" For this I am just going to write up ideas on the fly as I watch.
Matt Giraud - awesome. Great move getting up from piano. This guy won’t win but he should be in the top four. God I want to kill Kara.
Kris Allen - initial reaction was he was going to get killed. I may be wrong. Looking just like my friend Keith Gaub from high school. Really great performance. He is better vocally than I thought. Simon says Kris has no confidence. Which is probably the only reason Simon is famous. Conceited enough for a village. And Seacrest makes the same joke so I am forced to strikethrough it.
Scott Mcintyre – looking sufficiently creepy. I recognize the guy is blind, but I am all for treating everyone equally and this guy is a disaster from every conceivable angle. His singing is a significant step below everyone else’s and he looks like a guy I would see staring in through my window while I am trying to change. He is wearing pink pants! The best part about this guy is that Paula probably has legitimate nightmares about ever having to say anything critical to him. Interesting move by AI producers to bring the female singers out by the piano to distract from his awkward movements. Singing was fine. Probably one of his better performances from an energy point of view. He is just not that good of a singer. And then Paula brings up the thing about the dancers so maybe it was his idea. Thank God for Simon! Honesty is the best policy. Kara and Paula just can’t be mean to this guy. Let me reiterate that I hate Kara.
Megan Joy – Man I just don’t get this girl as a singer. Smokey calls her half cabaret, half jazz singer. To me she seems all weird and bad at singing. Smokey calls her practice version, “different.” Not a good sign. Man just a brutal singing job as far as I am concerned. Butchered it. But she is hot so she probably sticks around.
Anoop Desai – I am getting bored already. Anoop would be a really entertaining accountant or something. Probably not the next American Idol. Got caught in a conversation and missed most of his performance.
Michael Sarver - Cool guy. It is obvious I am losing steam? I need some Danny Gokey soon. Aint to proud to beg was a little weird. Not exactly his style and the last note was ruff ruff ruff. Judges are going to hate it. Kara says that at this point it isn’t about singing, it’s about artistry. I think my ears would disagree.
Lil Rounds – enough with the “can sing the phone book” quote. Can you imagine how boring that would be? The better quote would be, “You can make Nickelback songs listenable.” To be honest she doesn’t sound that great to me in this performance. Over-singing a bit. The wife says she looks better than she has up until now. I kind of think this song sounds brutal. Randy agrees with me. Everyone agrees except good old, sane Paula.
Adam Lambert – almost kissed Smokey Robinson when they are talking about tears. Adam looks like a wax doll of Chris Isaak. His hair looks like a Ken doll. Guy can really sing though. I am interested to see what the judges thin of this. So much different than anything else he has done so far. Judges love it. Kara goes way out on a limb calling it putting it possibly in the top 25% of the performances when she says it was “one of the best performances of the night.” Simon loves it and Kara cheers because he agrees with her.
Danny Gokey – My main man. I just want this guy to win. Great story. And by the way, he can sing. Doesn’t really know what to do when he is on stage but that is okay. Simon hates it and you can tell judges were told to start rushing through their comments. They went super fast.
Allison Iraheta – definite sleeper for this competition. She reminds me of all the girls I knew when I was sixteen except she is talented, mature and unique. By far the best female vocal of the night. Wow. Put lil Rounds to shame. Kara is losing her mind. Judges love her. Kara thinks she has been singing for 400 years?!?! Paula has a mustache from a practical joke from Simon. That was the moment of the night.

Good overall night. Next week: Idol does old Irish ballads.

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