Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night Lights - Bizarro Dillon

JD is a mack daddy? Tyra throwing a tea party? Dillon might redistrict? Riggins is the responsible one? Its bizzaro world on Friday Night Lights.

Another great episode. I read recently that FNL might be close to signing a two year extension. That was the best news of the night for me. I feel this show blurs the lines between entertainment and reality so much that I find myself rooting for characters in the ways I root for my own friends. I want Saracen to win. I want Tyra to find her own way out and I want Riggins to pull it all together.

Matt is dealing with his granny's slow spiral into dimentia. A transcending scene with him grabbing her slippers that are already on her feet. It almost felt out of a documentary (which it seems Peter Berg is going for). This was painfully touching. Kudos to a show that deals with issues beyond the scope of CSI and the like. I get the feeling that many folks understood this story line more than I ever could.

JD McCoy, QB sensation, is living large. Football star, hot girlfriend, overbearing father living vicariously through his son. Even though JD leads the team to states (in FNL ridiculous fashion) the kid just doesn't live up to fatherly expectations. This leads to a confrontation in the Applebee's parking lot where Mr. McCoy hits JD. Mrs. McCoy's screaming brought this scene to life quickly and brutally.

Riggins as a moral compass? Doesn't seem to make sense until he talks Lyla off the edge. She is still struggling with Buddy's mismanagement of her college funds. He walks her back into reality through basic common sense, and dare I say it? Love. Touching moment where Tim redirects all the love and faith Lyla has shown him back on to her.

Great episode. One of the FNL's true hallmarks is its character development and execution. The show pulls no punches. No dilemma is too deep or taboo. The writers handle everything tactfully and emotionally. No small feat.


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