Monday, March 30, 2009

24 - Jack has the sniffles

If only the CDC was actually running government strike teams. They got to the scene of Jack's exposure to the virus faster than anything that has ever happened in the 24 world.

Jack was exposed to an unknown virus and needs some help pronto. With the CDC on the scene we get to see Jack take off his shirt and the doctors gasp in horror at the toll it has taken on his body. Oh wait a minute, those are just his scars and tattoos, not the virus. He strips down and we almost get a real time look at his little David Palmer (his nickname). After running some tests we find out the virus is a danger to Jack but not to anyone else because he isn't contagious. I can only assume that Jack Bauer has the ability to will his immune system to control the virus. To him the virus is just another terrorist needing to be subdued.

Tony has been captured by John Voight's gang of Blackwater wannabees (Starkwood). They are in control of the weapon. Voight seems crazy through and through. Tony refuses to give him any info and Voight's lackey (Slater from Dazed and Confused) is getting cold feet about the whole terrorist operation. He sides with Tony and says he will lead the government to the WMD. When the FBI moves in on the Slater's information they are able to secure a completely empty warehouse. Nice job. The information was bogus. Slater was just buying Voight some time. Before the FBI can search the rest of the compound Starkwood goons surround them. This has not been a banner day for the FBI and Special Agent Moss. He has literally done every single thing wrong. His end of the year job review is going to be a bloodbath.

It looks like a virus-filled Jack and a still annoying Agent Renee Something-or-Other will have to come to the rescue.

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