Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lost - Sayid you later

Finally a Lost episode that is entertaining and doesn't confuse the ever-living shit out of me. Spoilers ahead

And wow! I had all these hilarious and witty little jokes lined up for this one ready to fire out there like a machine gun. Then "BAM" Sayid ices little Ben "Harry Potter" Linus and all bets are off. First of all, it is near impossible for a television show to kill off a kid who is a character. I honestly cannot think of another instance of it happening. Secondly, the time travel, past, future implications of this are staggering. Is Ben still alive? Does he just disappear? Does my head explode from trying to make sense of it all?

Obviously Ben is pure evil but I was kind of getting used to having him around, messing with minds, manipulating, being a sort of androgynous foil for every male and female character in the cast. Can't you see Michael Emerson just appearing out of nowhere on the Lost set to ask things like, "Don't you want to get a drink? You look thirsty," and then just staring at the other person until they grudgingly agree? That is the hallmark of a great actor; when you can imagine them being the exact same person in real life as the character they play on the show. I hope it isn't the end for him.


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