Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kings - A night on the town, royalty version

David heads out for a night on the town with Prince Jack. Ever partied with a prince before? I have but I figured none of you had so I just thought I would ask. Anyway, it's awesome.

The ballet is in town and Queen Rose wants it to be a special night for Shiloh. David gets invited, then uninvited, then invited out with Jack. The royal family all have their own agendas and are willing to basically f-over David for their own gain. Jack thinks David garners too much attention around Shiloh and wants to knock him down a peg or two. Queen Rose just doesn't want David around the princess and also thinks he is a getting a bit too big for his britches.

Prince Jack looks, at all times, like he has the flu and is on some kind of cocaine binge. Jack is a legitimately troubled soul that can't seem to get out of his own way. He wants the power associated with being royalty but hasn't reconciled the idea that to be a king one must act "kingly." Kingly, in this sense, means not having an "in the closet" homosexual relationship, getting in bar brawls, banging hookers and selling out friends in order to gain political favor. Like I said, he doesn't get it.

David, on the other hand, keeps looking better and better just by default and having a fairly accurate moral compass. He goes out for the night, enjoys himself, but stops short of going the distance with a girl one step above a prostitute. David's decision to stay upstanding is more that Prince Jack can handle forcing him to leak damaging photos of David to the Shiloh press. tsk tsk.

Meanwhile Silas's illegitimate son is sick and close to dying. Silas leaves the ballet to be with him. Through some soul searching and conversations with Reverend Samuels, Silas decides that God is punishing him for lack faith. Look, I get the show is based on the biblical story of David, but the religious talk in these episodes comes off as a little much. Its all a bit too medieval and heavy handed. I could do with a little less of it. Silas realizes that his deal with God means having to give up the secret life he has been living away from the castle. Its the price to pay to maintain power and stay in God's favor. His son gets better but Silas will no longer be in his life.

Excellent episode that really began getting at the torment, distrust and demons living in the royal family. And the scenes with Jack and the crew partying were an almost mirror image of my weekend so it was really easy to relate to this episode.

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