Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Blood - Keep this party going

If you like blood, sweat, sex and tears (not to be confused with the crappy "jazz fusion" band of a similar name***) then you will probably like True Blood. If you are fan of good acting then this probably isn't the show for you.

What I like about True Blood:

the blood
the sex
the nudity
the occasional humor
Jason Stackhouse
the vampires other than Bill

What I dislike:
Man just about everything else. On a whole the acting is pretty terrible. That could be a product of the writing which is heavy on plot (which is razor thin as far as being interesting), and low on believable dialogue. The main characters are pretty unlikeable. Like I said before, this is a huge problem if they are the focal points of the show. Most of the time I think True Blood is content in just showing muscular sweaty guys and a ton of tits in order to distract me from what is (or isn't) happening.

But about halfway through this I had a True Blood epiphany. I have been watching this show with the wrong attitude. I was set on it being this intriguing, in-depth drama when it is anything but. If I watch it as a joke and just check baseball scores whenever Sookie is talking the show gets a hell of a lot more enjoyable. There are enough moments of levity and intrigue to keep me going as long as I don't start wishing and hoping for it to be some kind of award-winning program. So there you go. That is how I am approaching True Blood from now on. Focusing on the good. Ignoring the rest of it.


- Eric's vampire character getting a haircut and then getting blood in his hair because he ate someone.
- Jason Stackhouse trying so damn hard and being so damn excited to be in a vampire-hating cult. The Light of Day cult is a fairly great satire on every ridiculous group of right wing retards whose fundamentalism comes off looking even more stupid every time they speak. Actually this part of the show was the highlight including the house band singing "Jesus Asked Me Out Today."

*** Take a look at the Blood, Sweat and Tears Wikipedia page and scroll down to the list of people that have been in the band. Holy crap!

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