Monday, June 1, 2009

Starting to watch Chuck! - It's about time

Reading Alan Sepinwall's blog today I learned the WB was putting up the whole first season of Chuck for those (like me) who were too lazy to catch on with this critically acclaimed show.

Starting tonight Mrs. Channelup and I are going to try and watch an episode a night and plow through the first two seasons in a relatively short time. Here's hoping it lives up to the expectations. I will do a review after we finish the first season and then another after the second. Don't you love your reviews a couple of years after the fact? Next I will be reviewing the movie Heat and taking a look at this show called Lost everyone is talking about.

1 comment:

  1. i watch chuck regularly,chuck is my favorite tv shows.My friends say they hate sci- fi shows. They are beyond them to understand. They say too much is said in such a small span of time that it appears like a grapevine and they do not want to fall prey to such a cow-web. I told them, “Buddies go watch “Chuck” television series and then come to me to discuss your reaction.” My intuition power is strong and I knew what their reaction was going to be. They only had one word in their mouths, “Wow, you could have suggested watching this TV show earlier,” I replied by saying I could not have expected them to miss “Chuck” as majority loves sci-fi genre.